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cement roofHave you been considering what type of roofing materials to use when your roof needs replacing? There are many types of roofing material options to choose from. One of the more overlooked materials is cement. That’s right, the same cement that is used on sidewalks and roadways across the country. However, the way that it is formulated to work on your roof is quite different than what is used on the ground. Here are some of the best benefits you get if you consider using cement roofing materials.

Perks of Cement Roofing Materials

There are several perks to using cement roofing materials. The first is its longevity. When you have a cement roof, you can expect that roof to last you 40-50 years with few, if any, repairs. Cement roofing materials are not going to suffer the same problems that asphalt roofing materials do. Under the heat of the Huntsville sun, you don’t have to worry about the materials curling or cracking. Unlike asphalt materials, you also don’t have to worry about them absorbing any heat. They do not attract any type of heat, nor do they hold on to any type of heat. This means that you do not have to worry about your attic getting several degrees hotter than the rest of your house, warming up the rest of your home.

Where traditional asphalt shingles can become weak in very little time, cement shingles do not have the same issues. They are much safer for your home. Asphalt shingles often fly off of your home during heavy wind storms. Cement shingles are able to withstand winds up to and including 180 miles per hour. They are also fire resistant, making it less likely that any type of fire is going to completely engulf your home. They have also been tested against seismic activity, meaning that if Huntsville ever gets hit by an earthquake, your roof won’t crumble into pieces.

On top of being heat-resistant, they are also cold resistant. Meaning, concrete roofing tiles have also passed the requirements for a Grade 1 freeze-thaw. With the last few winters stretching the cold further south, it is important that you have the right materials on your home to protect it from all types of weather. Cement roofing tiles help keep the cool or heat into your home that you want, and keep the excess heat and cold out of your home that you don’t want. Plus, they are resistant against impact, so if annual storms bring hail with them, your home will be safer than with any other type of material on your roof.

The Drawbacks of Cement Roofing Materials

There are two main drawbacks of using cement roofing materials. First, they are costlier than most roofing materials. They take longer to create, and unfortunately, that cost is passed along to the consumer. However, with all of the perks they offer, it equates to a very similar cost over the lifetime of the materials, so this can often be discounted. Second, the materials used are heavier than most types of roofing materials. If you have an old home or your roof and attic are not completely sturdy, this may have to be rectified prior to putting cement roofing materials on. That way, your home is sturdy enough to hold the extra weight that these materials add.

If you want to find out if your home would be a good candidate for cement roofing materials, then contact your local Huntsville roofing company today. Let them explain to you what benefits your home could see, and how much it would cost you. You may figure out that this option is the best possible option for you.

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