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a Huntsville roofThe heat on the outside of the home can change the way the home feels on the inside depending on your roofing materials. Many materials are rated to either bring the heat from the sun into the home or away from it. Depending on where you live, the climate may have a factor to play with this. The Huntsville roofing company, Quality Roofing, LLC has some information to share with homeowners on the type of roofing they should choose. Continue reading

Roof maintenanceAs most people have heard, this summer is supposed to be incredibly hot all over the southern portion of the U.S. So, that means that here in Huntsville, we are going to have days that are only good for sitting inside in the air-conditioned comfort of our homes, or out in the pool. If your roof is not in the best of shape and you know that it needs patches here and there, it is important that you do it before the heat kicks in full tilt. If you don’t, you could make your job more difficult, and it could also become far more dangerous for you. Continue reading

metal roofingIf you have had any thoughts about how bland your Huntsville roofing maybe looking, or it doesn’t stand out among your Huntsville neighbors? Then you may want to consider things that you can do to customize how your roof looks. This becomes especially poignant if you are about to have your roof replaced. There are many customization options before you, so it is important that you speak with your Huntsville roofers to find out which would work best for you. Continue reading

cement roofHave you been considering what type of roofing materials to use when your roof needs replacing? There are many types of roofing material options to choose from. One of the more overlooked materials is cement. That’s right, the same cement that is used on sidewalks and roadways across the country. However, the way that it is formulated to work on your roof is quite different than what is used on the ground. Here are some of the best benefits you get if you consider using cement roofing materials. Continue reading

It is important that you take care of your roof before the heat of the summer is upon us. The last thing you want to do is to go up on your roof when it’s 95 degrees outside, or worse. There are a few specific things you can do now to help your roof last longer and keep your home safer. Here is a breakdown of some of the most important things to do in terms of roof maintenance this year. Continue reading

stormy nightHuntsville is known for some of its storms. If you reside in Huntsville, it could mean that your roof may be damaged by springtime storms. There are many ways a roof can become damaged by a storm, including flying debris, strong winds, and even heavy rain or hail. If your home experiences any of these this spring, it is important that after the storm, you go up and check on the health of your roof. The sooner you catch any potential roof problem, the easier it is going to be to repair. Continue reading

clean off your roof

Having your roof last as long as possible, is the goal of many homeowners. They want a roof that can be put on, and not need any major repairs for many years. There are things that you can do to help give your roof as much longevity as possible. If you keep up with simple maintenance and start off with top materials, it can help give your roof many years of flawless operation. Here are three great ways of helping your roof last a long time, with as few repairs or costs as possible. Continue reading

Your roof has many responsibilities, but its biggest and most important job is to cover and protect what’s beneath it. While we all appreciate a watertight roof over our heads, we aren’t the only ones who do. Animals also like being safe, warm, and out of the elements whenever possible. There can be quite a few little critters who would like to call the space right under your roof home. Do you have any that are already living up there? Let’s look at the signs you may have a problem. Continue reading

A new Huntsville roofingSpring is a great time to see what is going on with your roof. You may have had a rough time during the winter where there were a lot of very cold nights. These impact your roof, and can even cause damage to your roof. When the weather warms up in the spring, you should head out and look at your roof. This is the time to catch the problems early so that they can be repaired before they cause further damage. Continue reading

skylight leaksSkylights can be great additions to your home. It gives you light in areas that no longer need to have a light on during the day. Instead of having to flip on the light in the bathroom or kitchen, the skylight provides the light for you! They can be great energy savers, but if they leak, they can also be a headache. However, just because you notice a leak in your skylight, doesn’t mean that your skylight is the actual problem. Sometimes the cause is a big higher up, in your roof. Continue reading