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stormy nightHuntsville is known for some of its storms. If you reside in Huntsville, it could mean that your roof may be damaged by springtime storms. There are many ways a roof can become damaged by a storm, including flying debris, strong winds, and even heavy rain or hail. If your home experiences any of these this spring, it is important that after the storm, you go up and check on the health of your roof. The sooner you catch any potential roof problem, the easier it is going to be to repair.

Damage from Heavy Storm Winds

Sometimes during a springtime storm, your home may be subjected to very heavy winds. This can cause minor problems, like a lifted shingle, to become a major problem, like a section of your roof missing all of its shingles. Winds have been known to lift roofs, roofing materials, and even break some of the materials right off of the plywood base.

After the storm has passed, walk around on the ground and take a look at your roof. If you see a problem, take a picture of it with your phone or your camera. Then, once your roof is totally dry, go up and take a look to see how extensive the damage really is. If you aren’t comfortable that high up, then you need to have a local Huntsville roofing company come out and check it for you. Leaving it damaged could expose your home to water leaks and even mold down the line.

Debris Flying Around Can Also Damage Your Roof

If the storm you experience is extraordinarily heavy, it could carry debris from off the ground up to your roof. This may be small twigs, large limbs of trees, patio furniture, small children’s toys, or much larger objects if the storm is strong enough. Don’t go outside during any of these storms, even if you hear debris hitting your roof. You do not want the items hitting you. However, once the storm is over, go out and pull down any debris you can from the ground. If there is more up on your roof, go up when the roof has dried so you are safe. Again, if that is not something you are comfortable with, then call in the professionals to help, as they have the equipment to do it safely.

Water and Hail Damage

Your roof is also exposed to lots of water with most springtime storms, as that is when rains tend to be very heavy. Some of the storms may also bring hail with them. Both of these items can cause damage to your roof. Hail can cause dings and dents in your roof, plus poke holes in your roofing materials that will require repairs or replacement once the storm has passed. Water even sitting on your roof can cause your roofing materials to break down and fail sooner than they normally would.

If there is already damage to your roof, then the water is going to seep in and cause more damage to the inside of your home. This can lead to problems with your attic materials getting wet and degrading, water coming down and ruining your ceilings and walls, and even lead to a buildup of mold within your attic and walls. These can all be hazardous to your home’s structure and the health of everyone living in your home.

For help with keeping your roof safe during and following springtime storms, contact your local Huntsville roofers. They can help keep your roof intact, make repairs as needed, and even check on the health of your roof after each storm if you have concerns.

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