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chipmunks in the houseHave you been hearing noises up on your roof or maybe in the attic that you simply are not sure what they are? If so, you may have some critters that are trying to make their way into your Huntsville home. One option you have is calling out your local Huntsville roofing company to ask them if you have any signs of invaders on your roof. Here are a few things the roofers will look for when they go up there. If they see any of these signs, it may be time to either close off your roof a bit better, or call in some critter specialists.

Sounds You Will Likely Notice First

Most homeowners notice noises coming from their roof long before they notice any signs that there are critters around on their roof. This can include a running noise from one end of your roof to the other, or the chirping noises that many of the potential critters make when communicating with others. This is usually the critters going around and testing the different parts of your roof to see if there is an easy way to get in. If you know you have any type of opening in your roof, you need to get it sealed up quickly before it turns into a critter haven. Small holes can quickly become an entryway to many different critters who would love nothing more than to make a nest somewhere in your attic.

Physical Signs Critters Are Trying to Infiltrate Your Roof and Attic Space

The most common physical sign that you have a critter problem up on your roof is feces. The dropping of any animal, small or large, piling up on your roof is a definite sign of a problem. The more feces you see, the more critters you should be concerned about trying to get in.

Another sign that critters are trying to get in is holes in your roof. If you go up into your attic on a bright, sunny day, and can see that sun cascading down to the insulation below, then there is a definite critter problem. If the sun can get in, so can the rain and snow. Plus, so can the critter! You want to fix this right away if you see this problem.

Having electrical trouble is another sign that you have a critter issue. Typically, when a critter gains entry into your attic, one of the things they do is chew on wires that are up there. While they have no intention of causing your electrical system to fray, they do have an intention to make a warm and cozy nest. Wiring is a great way to do that, even if that does make your house a fire risk.

Seeing tiny bits of insulation out on your lawn is also a sign that there is a problem. This usually means that some critter got into your attic and made a nest. The insulation likely got caught on his or her fur, and came out with them when they came out to eat.

If you see any of these signs, call in your local Huntsville roofer. They can come out, examine your roof, and give you an estimate about what it is going to cost to get your roof sealed up tight. If they notice signs of a critter in your attic, they can also help put you in contact with a critter wrangler who can help to rid your home of your unwanted guests. The sooner you call your local Huntsville roofing company for help, the less damage your home will sustain.

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