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Roof maintenanceAre you worried about your roof? Has it been a while since you were able to get up there and make sure it is in good condition? If so, it is important that you call in someone who can do it for you. If there are weak spots in your roof, it can lead to a lot of problems. The best thing to do is find any weak spots when they first form. That way, you can minimize the damage they do and keep your home safe.

Signs of Weak Spots in Your Roof

There are a few things to look for if you go up on your Huntsville roof looking for weak spots. First, you want to look for any part of your roof that has sunken down. This is a telltale sign that something beneath there is not quite right. Avoid stepping on the area, as you do not know how weak it is. Instead, look at the area from in the attic so you can see what is going on somewhere where you are still safe.

Next, you want to look for parts of your roof that have a distinctly different color than the rest. Your roof should be relatively uniform in color. If you notice one area is significantly darker than the areas around it, there is something going on there. You need to check out what is happening, so you can determine what fixes will help most.

Finally, you want to check the sound of the area. This may not seem like a normal test, but it is one that can alert you to problems that may not be so bad as to leave a visual clue at this point. Take a stick or pole up to your roof with you. What you want to do is tap around on your roof. Most of the roof should sound open and hollow. If you get to a weak area of the roof, when you tap it, you will instead hear a thud. The area will not have the same sound, and that is a clue you need to investigate. What you will normally find is that something needs replacing or repairs.

Areas that Normally Lead to Weak Spots on Your Roof

There are a few areas of the roof that tend to lead to weak spots more than others. In most circumstances, it is not the shingles failing that leads to problems. If the shingles get lifted or worn out, they can lead to these problems, but typically, you will notice problems with other areas first.

  • Flashing is typically the first place where a weak spot will come from. Since the flashing is a cover to a gap, if any water can get in, it can lead to water damage and roof weakness.
  • Your eaves and soffits can easily lead to roof weakness as well. The soffit is the area under any overhang you have on your roof that is perpendicular to the side of your home. The eaves are the area of the roof that overhang the home. Since they are both connected, they both typically have problems at the same time. Make sure to be careful when inspecting anything around this portion of your roof.
  • Roof valleys are also susceptible to weakness and damage. Since they work in much the same way flashing does, even a small bit of water can cause a large problem.

Do not investigate weak spots on your roof unless you are sure you can walk around on the roof safely. Instead, call in experienced and professional Huntsville roofing to do it for you. It isn’t worth the risk.

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