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DSCN0820Summer is quickly coming to an end, which means that we are about to face the fun that comes with autumn activities and winter festivities. This also means that it is time to get ready for the changes in weather that your roof is going to be exposed to. While in this area, that typically does not mean much if any snow, it does still mean that your roof will be exposed to cold temperatures and probably some ice. If you want to make sure your roof is ready for whatever the upcoming seasons are going to throw your way, here are a few tips to make sure you and your roof are prepared.

Rid Your Roof of Excess Debris

Debris is never good for your roof. In fact, if you leave debris up on your roof, it can cause your shingles to get damaged and it can even become a home for an unwanted rodent or similar creature. The sooner you get piles of debris off of your roof, the less time there is for that debris to do any damage. While you are getting any excess debris off of the top of your roof, you should also make sure your gutters are cleaned out so that any liquid that lands on your roof is able to freely flow right off instead of causing any additional problems. If you want this to be the last time you do this chore, consider getting covers for your gutters so that the only thing that can get into your gutters are the occasional small leaves, pine needles, and water.

Clear Your Attic Vents So Your Roof Can Regulate Temperature Easier

Your roof needs to be able to breathe during the day when the warmth of the day is at its hottest. If your attic vents are full of dust, debris, or even nests from animals, then while you are up on your roof, clean those off as well. You should be able to sweep most things right out of the vents while standing on the roof, so it can fall straight to the ground. The more airflow you have through your attic, the less the temperature will fluctuate on your roof, and the less likely you are to face issues with leaks or cracks in your roof during the upcoming colder months.

Visual Monitoring of Your Roof Is Also Key

This time of year, you want to take a few minutes to inspect your roof. You want to take note of any shingles that are not straight or lying down properly. You should make sure to tack down any shingles that are askew or lifted as long as they are still in good shape, or replace them if they are not. You should also make sure to stick down any shingles that are lifted up to help keep the roof from lifting during heavy winds or storms. If you do a quick scan over your roof every month, it only takes a few minutes to notice when something is off, so this autumn, start a monthly schedule of inspecting your roof to notice issues early.

If climbing up on your roof to do any of these tasks is not something you are comfortable doing, then call in the best Huntsville roofing company around to help you with it. They will go up, help clear off and prepare your roof, and they can let you know if they see any problematic issues while they were up there. That way, you can get it taken care of before the weather turns cold and the roof gets more damaged.

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