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Huntsville roofing downspout gritHave you noticed that you have granules or small pebbles coming out the end of your downspouts? That’s the sign of a problem with your roof, but do you know what the problem is? When you start to see those little pebbles coming out of your downspouts after the rain, you need to get a roofer out to your house in a relatively short amount of time. Your roof is trying to tell you that your shingles do not have much life left in them. You need part, if not all, of your shingles replaced.

Calling In Huntsville Roofing Professionals

Your roof speaks a foreign language. It does speak, and it is trying to talk with you, but you may not understand the words. A simple rule of thumb is if you see the granules coming out of the end of your downspouts after a good rainfall, then you need to call in the pros. The granules and pebbles only come off of your shingles when they are wearing thin and the protective coating of the shingle has pretty much worn off.

You will notice some granules now and again, and that is not a cause for alarm. All shingles are going to lose a few of them, and they are going to collect in the gutters, so if you notice a handful after a big rain, it may be nothing. However, if you are noticing them coming off in droves after a few rainstorms in a row, that’s the sign of a problem. When you call in your local Huntsville roofers, you are going to have a couple of experienced roofing professionals come to your home and look over your roof carefully. They will then let you know what they see and how to proceed. It could be that a few of your shingles need to be replaced, or it could be something like your entire roof needing to be replaced.

Other Things Your Roof May Be Trying to Let You Know

Have you noticed issues with the smell of mildew in your home? That’s your roofs way of letting you know that somewhere on your roof, there is a leak. This is another time where you need to call in the professionals to check out the problem. When your roof has a leak, it could be a major issue, where a big part of your roof has fallen in, or it could be something as simple as two shingles having split, allowing a small bit of water to filter through and cause an issue. That’s where a professional eye can make a huge difference.

Have you noticed that your shingles are lifting up at the ends? This is called cupping, and it is a sign that either your shingles need to be replaced, or that your attic is too warm, or possibly both. If you are heating up the underside of your shingles, they will cup up like this, and you need to be concerned. When shingles are cupped, it means they are brittle, and that water can get underneath them. They need to be checked out and fixed before you wind up with rain falling in your home.

Listening to your roof maybe difficult, but it is well worth the effort. The sooner you catch the problem, the less damage it can do to your home. Make sure you call in your professional Huntsville roofing at the first sign of a problem, and spare your home, and your wallet, the costs of waiting!

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