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a Huntsville roofThe heat on the outside of the home can change the way the home feels on the inside depending on your roofing materials. Many materials are rated to either bring the heat from the sun into the home or away from it. Depending on where you live, the climate may have a factor to play with this. The Huntsville roofing company, Quality Roofing, LLC has some information to share with homeowners on the type of roofing they should choose.

Your Climate Matters


Huntsville roofers know that the climate your home is in matters. This is because whether you have roofing material that bring in or push out heat can make a difference. Those in colder climates for most the year have material that bring the heat in. Those in hotter climates want roofing material that expel the heat away from the home.


The type of roofing that is on your home generally has a lot to do with the climate. Many areas recommend different types of roofing based on the climate and house-type that they’re going to be placing it on.


Asphalt shingles and darker colored roofing material are usually placed on homes that are in colder climates. While, tiles and light colored metal roofing are placed on homes in the warmer climates. Colder climate homes might opt for metal roofing due to its longer lifespan and other benefits.


How the Heat Affects the Roofing Materials


The heat in the warmer months can make changes not only to the inside of the home, but also the roofing material. The roof may see a lot of wear and tear as the years go on, but when it comes to sunlight; this is something that it is going to always see a lot of.


Asphalt Roofing


Asphalt roofing does not have an extremely long lifespan like other roofing materials. When exposed to hot temperatures, they are prone to warping, breaking down and going through a lot of other issues due to the sun exposure. Many are made to reduce the damages done, but they’re not completely resistant. Asphalts are a choice for those that do not want to spend too much on roofing materials, but have a quality roof placed on their home.


Metal Roofing


Metal can reflect the heat from entering into the home and does not warp with sunlight. It can last many years. Making it an ideal roofing solution for many. Colder climates may want to have the heat directed to their homes, but choosing a longer lifespan on roofing materials is always ideal. Darker colors can help with bringing in heat during the colder months of the year, as well. Metal roofing is a more economical choice when considering roofing materials. Not only is it great for the environment because it is recyclable, but it is a long-use product.


Tile Roofing


Tiles do not hold heat the way the other two roofing materials do. This makes them ideal in hotter climate areas where the temperatures can soar. Tiles will not heat up, transfer or hold heat. They also will not wear down with time due to the sunlight that is on them. This is ideal when the sunlight becomes very hot in many parts of the country. They may fade with time, however, making them less aesthetically pleasing than other roofing options.


Huntsville roofers understand the importance of choosing the best roofing materials for the home that you have. When you consider the climate, the type of home and the lifespan of the roofing materials, you can make a better decision on which to go with. Understand that sunlight can cause damage and wear to a lot of components on and in the home. This is why choosing the best materials for the home is essential.

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