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DSCN0820Do you know how often you should have Huntsville roofers over to inspect your roof? Is it a yearly thing, or maybe every few years? Or perhaps it is only as you see the need? The fact of the matter is that every roof is slightly different. Some of the time, you can see the damage on your roof that signals a problem, or you have had some type of a leak that has come into your house. These are definite signs of times where a professional roofer should be called in, but there are also times where you need to get your roof inspected with no outward signs of problems.

When You See Signs of Problems

It is obvious that you need to get your roof checked out by a professional if you see some common roofing issues. If you have shingles that are missing from a large portion of your roof, have water leaking into your home, or had some type of major damage from a storm, then you need to call in your local Huntsville roofing company to come out and take a peek. Normally, these situations are pretty obvious. However, these are not the times where you need to be as worried. It is the times where you don’t really see any type of an outward issue that you should be worried about, because this could mean that an unnoticed issue has been going on for quite some time, potentially leading to much larger problems.

If No Signs of Problems Exist

When you do not see any type of an issue, it can be really difficult to know when you are supposed to get your roof inspected, but the problem is, if there is a leak, it could be causing issues that are not being tended to. The longer an issue goes unnoticed, the worse the consequences could be. Here are just a few of the times where you need to take note and call in someone to check, just to be on the safe side.

  • If you smell even the faintest bit of mold or mildew, but you are not sure where it is coming from, you need to bring someone in to check out if there is some type of a leak in your roof. If caught early, it can be a simple, and inexpensive, fix.
  • If you notice that your roof has sagged down in one or more spots, this could be the signs that your rafters are struggling to hold up the weight of your roof. This could be due to having too many layers, or damage to the rafters themselves, and should be checked out as soon as possible.
  • If you are up in your attic space and you can see signs of light coming through, even pinhole style, these need to be checked out. Your roof may need replacing, or you may simply have a small hole that needs to be touched up. You won’t know which it is until someone with experience takes a look.

Make sure you call on only experienced and trusted Huntsville roofers to inspect your roof. You only want someone that is going to be honest about the condition of your roof, so you know if a simple repair will be enough, or if you need to have more extensive work done. Take the time to find the best, so that you can trust in their analysis, and go from there. The earlier you notice issues with your roof, the better, as they are easier to fix when caught early.

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