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Huntsville roofing trendHuntsville roofing trends have changed a ton in the last decade. If you haven’t done much with your roof for a decade or two when you last had to redo your roof, then you are going to find yourself with a lot more decisions to make this time around. There are new styles, colors, materials, and even shapes that you can have put on your roof that can set your roof apart from others in your neighborhood. Here is a quick overview so you have an idea where to begin.

Innovative Roofing Styles

Old shingles used to only really come in three-tab designs. They were easy to manufacture, offered a significant amount of protection for your roof, and were inexpensive. Today’s designers understand the benefits of the three-tab design, but they have made new styles of shingles that look like they are far more than three tabs. You can get layered shingles that look like four, five, or six tabs, all while giving you the same benefits you wanted and have come to expect from the three-tab variety.

New Roofing Colors

Shingles used to only come in a handful of natural colors, ranging from tan to blues to greens to grays and blacks. Now, you can get nearly any shade of shingle you want. There are colors that look natural, and colors that stand out. You can get any color you want from bright white to red, and some shingles that have multiple colors per sheet so you can get a textured look when those shingles are up on your roof.

Many New Roofing Materials

Years ago, you had the choice of asphalt shingles, tiles, wooden shingles, or the occasional metal option. Now, you can go with many other options. You can expand on the types of metal roofing materials you have to include steel and aluminum, and you can go from there into a bunch of new types of materials, depending on how sturdy your house is. Concrete is one of the better options when it comes to putting a new roofing material on your roof, as it is inexpensive and lasts for a very long time, but it needs a very solid home because it is very heavy. While stone was used as a roofing material in some crude types of construction in the past, it was often avoided when it came to residential homes because of its heft. Now, there are lookalike shingles that can give your home the beauty of a stone roof without the weight concerns.

Huntsville roofers colorsShingle Shapes Have Also Expanded

Instead of the rectangular look you get with the traditional three-tab shingles, now you can get many different designs on your roof, depending on the shape of shingle you go with. You can go with a square shingle to keep the roof looking quite similar to a standard, but give your roof some extra appeal that may not be easily identified immediately by those looking up at your roof. You can also go with scalloped shingles, giving your roof a rounded edge on each row of shingles. There are even patterned shingles, such as zippered layers or diamonds that can help your home stand out from the rest.

When it comes time to redo your roof, you need to look around at the many ways that roofing has changed over the last few years. If you want to go with a traditional look, you can, but you do not have to. Instead of feeling like you are stuck with the same old roofing materials, take the time to look around and get the look that will set your home apart.

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