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Your roof has many responsibilities, but its biggest and most important job is to cover and protect what’s beneath it. While we all appreciate a watertight roof over our heads, we aren’t the only ones who do. Animals also like being safe, warm, and out of the elements whenever possible. There can be quite a few little critters who would like to call the space right under your roof home. Do you have any that are already living up there? Let’s look at the signs you may have a problem.

Raccoons Love Living in the Chimney

Your chimney may extend up above your roof, but it also extends down into your home. Below your roofline lies a perfect raccoon habitat. They love the smell of food that wafts up through the chimney, plus it’s warm, dry, and virtually predator-free. If you notice noises in your chimney, a flue that doesn’t want to open, or the mortar of your chimney falling out, you may have a raccoon calling your chimney home. Don’t try and get it out yourself, as that can be dangerous to you and the animal. Get a professional to come out and help.

Squirrels Love Creating Attic Nests

Squirrels are another critter that loves having a home beneath your roof. While a raccoon only does minimal damage to your actual roof, a squirrel is often much more invasive. They chew through anything that is between them and the area they want to nest in. If they want into your attic, your roofing materials likely won’t stop them. Look around your roof. If you see signs that it has been chewed up, and a hole about the size of a golf ball up through a baseball, you may have a squirrel or two living in that space. Again, it is best to contact the pros when it comes to getting squirrels out. If you try and seal them out, they will only try and come back in if their babies are still in your attic somewhere.

Bats Are One Critter You Don’t Want Stuck in Your Attic

Bats can easily come into your attic space, with or without any damage to your roof. They can come in vents, small holes, or gaps in your flashing or soffits. They don’t make a ton of noise, at first, but they do make quite a smell. Bat guano is full of ammonia, and that can create a toxic environment in your home. If you hear some scratching noises, or even some little squeaks, especially during nighttime hours, you may have a bat stuck up under your roof. While trying to get out, bats can damage your attic, and the underside of your roofing materials. The best way to safely remove them is to leave a wide opening, or have a professional come in and remove the bat.

Fixing the Damage After a Critter is Removed

Once you have any type of critter removed from your attic, you need to have a professional Huntsville roofing company come out to look at your roof. Some animals, like bats, won’t typically do much damage on the outside, but on the inside of your home they will. Other animals, like a squirrel, can do a ton of damage in a very short time. This could leave you needing to have a large section of your roof repaired, or even sections of soffits, flashing, or gutter. Once you are sure all of the critters are gone, give your local Huntsville roofers a call, and have them come out to make sure your home won’t be infiltrated by those critters again any time soon.

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