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skylight leaksSkylights can be great additions to your home. It gives you light in areas that no longer need to have a light on during the day. Instead of having to flip on the light in the bathroom or kitchen, the skylight provides the light for you! They can be great energy savers, but if they leak, they can also be a headache. However, just because you notice a leak in your skylight, doesn’t mean that your skylight is the actual problem. Sometimes the cause is a big higher up, in your roof.

Common Issues with Skylight Leaks

When you see water rings around the top of your skylight, it obviously tells you that water is leaking around your skylight somewhere. This could mean that the seal around your skylight is cracked or broken, requiring it to be repaired. However, it could also mean that your roof is leaking above the skylight, and the area around the skylight is where it is pooling. If the water pools around your skylight, since that comes down into your attic, it could be a host of problems for your roof and your attic.

Areas above the skylight could need simple fixes to rectify the problem, or it could be a bigger problem that may require your entire roof to be replaced. The only way to know is to have a Huntsville roofing company come over and take a look. They will need to look at your roof, your skylight, and in your attic. Since the water would have gotten in around the skylight, it may have dripped down the skylight tubing, and puddled in your attic. This could lead to mold, weak roofing structures, or insulation problems.

Skylight Fixes When the Roof is At Fault

If you want to try and fix a leak in your roof to help save your skylight, you need to first locate the problem. If the flashing has a hole, you need to use silicone or roofing cement to fill in the hole and stop the area from leaking. You should also make sure the area around the flashing is held in place with roofing cement, so that no water can get beneath it, too. If the flashing around the skylight itself seems to be causing the problem, then that may need to be replaced instead.

When lifted shingles are the cause, then tacking the shingles back down is the best course of action. If the shingles are old and not keeping water out properly, replace the shingles in the area to help protect the roof and skylight. Remember to use a little roofing cement where the nails go down into the roof so as not to start new leaks.

Not All Skylight Leaks Are Actual Leaks

Sometimes, especially when your house is warm, but it is really cool outside, your home can produce a bit of extra condensation. In cases where you have a skylight, the heat can sometimes rise up into that area and begin to cool, forming droplets. These drops can then drip down, making it appear that you have a skylight leak when you, in fact, do not. Make sure you check to ensure this is not the cause before venturing up on your roof. It could save you a lot of time, money, and concern.

If you aren’t sure-footed enough to go up on your roof, then it is time to call in the experts. Call on a Quality Roofing LLC, Huntsville roofers, to come out and take a look. Once they figure out the cause of the issue, they can tell you precisely what needs to be done to fix it.

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