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comparison of reflective roofing to shinglesThere are tons of benefits to getting a reflective coating for your roof. Some people have sat down and figured out just how imperative their roofs are to the overall efficiency of their homes, but not everyone has. If you have a roof that absorbs heat in the Huntsville area, then you are surely paying more for your home’s heating and cooling costs than you should. Having a roof that reflects some of that heat is going to save you money in the long run. However, that is not the only perk that a reflective roof can provide.

What Benefits Do You Get from a Reflective Roof?

The biggest benefit of a reflective roof is that your home is going to be cheaper and easier to keep warm if the cold weather comes this far South, and keep cool during our warm summer stretches. By reflecting back some of the summer sun, your home will heat up less, causing you to need to use your air conditioner less. This means that you will save money, making the investment in reflective roofing materials one that pays you back over time.

Another benefit to having your Huntsville roofing company install reflective roofing materials is that your home will stay more comfortable, day in and day out. Your home will go through fewer of the extremes of hot during the middle and latter part of the day, and only feeling cool in the morning. Instead, your home will remain a more constant temperature all day and all night. This will leave you more comfortable, no matter if you are home only in the evenings or if you work from home and spend all day there.

Reflective roofing materials also last longer than traditional roofing materials. Since the harmful effects of the sun are constantly beating down on your roof, the shingles you put up there are going to wear down over time. However, when your roof reflects some of those UVA and UVB rays elsewhere, you get the benefits of having materials that last longer and need fewer repairs for things like cracks and splits. This saves you money, time, and the danger of having to go up on your roof to try and fix it on your own.

Reflective Roofing Materials Also Help the Environment

Reflective roofing materials also help decrease your overall environmental footprint. Think about it. The more you have to heat or cool your Huntsville home, the more fossil fuel your home uses and the more fumes are put out from your home, into the local air. This means that you are making an environmentally friendly choice when you opt to go with reflective roofing materials.

More Savings When You Opt for Reflective Roofing Materials

Finally, you can also get a lot of rebates when you opt to put reflective roofing materials on your home. There are many municipalities around the world that are starting to offer things like rebates for making your home more environmentally friendly. This helps you spend less when you put up a new roof, and it gives you money back for making a good choice for not only your home, but also your neighborhood.

If you want to find out other benefits that your home may get from reflective roofing materials, contact us. We know the benefits that your Huntsville home will get by choosing these types of roofing materials. We can help guide you through the process of finding the right materials for your home, including everything from a light-colored shingle, to fully reflective coatings to keep your home cozier.

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