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Huntsville roofers concrete shinglesIf your roof is at the end of its lifespan or the warranty is basically up, and you are now facing a total roof replacement, there are a few things you need to speak with your Huntsville roofers about before they begin the job. Instead of simply having them go up, tear off the old roof and replace it with one that looks exactly the same, you may opt to go with a new look. It can be a great way to bring attention to your home if you plan to sell in the next few years, so it needs to be given a little consideration before the process begins. Here are some things to think about and talk over with your Huntsville roofing company.

What Materials Do You Want Used?

Long gone are the days where you end up having nothing but asphalt shingles to pick from. There are quite a few different materials that you can opt for now when you have to have your entire roof replaced. Yes, asphalt shingles are still a great option, and they are the best option for many homes, but there are other options that can give your home a unique look and feel, plus make your home more unique to you.

Concrete is growing as a new option for roofing materials, because it is so durable. It is made into sheets that are placed on your roof in a similar fashion to traditional shingles, but it is often considered the type of roofing material that will indefinitely last. Short of problems from a major storm, concrete roofing materials are not going to break down or lead to leaks in the same way that other materials can.

Metal materials are also a great option if you want a unique look for your home. You can pick from many different types of metal, and you can also pick from many different finishes to match perfectly with the type of home you have. You can have anything from a bright copper roof to a matte silver finish, depending on what it is you want. Find out from your Huntsville roofers what they think would boost the look of your home most, and go from there.

The Different Colors Available If You Do Opt for Asphalt Shingles

As we said, there are some great reasons for sticking with the traditional asphalt shingle, such as the cost! If you want a different look without going for the more expensive options mentioned above, perhaps you should simply pick a different color of asphalt shingle to put up on your roof. You can pick any color of the rainbow for your roof, and there are multiple tones of each color. For example, if you want to go with blue shingles, you can opt for colors like slate blue, which has a gray-hue to it, or you can go with colors like navy blue, which appear nearly black when up on your roof. The different options you have before you are nearly endless, giving you the unique look you wanted without the budget you may not have time to come up with.

If you are seriously looking at having your roof replaced this year, then talk with your chosen Huntsville roofing company about what options you have. Not all homes are great candidates for specific roofing materials, such as those with a steep slope, so you need to find out what options your specific home has. From there, pick out the color and finish that best suits you, and love the new look your home gets!

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