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an orange roofIt is incredibly important that you make sure your roof is ready to withstand whatever type of weather Mother Nature decides to throw your way. The best way to do this is by making sure that it is fully weatherproofed. Your roof is able to withstand quite a bit simply because of being made of a combination of materials. However, it cannot withstand everything. The more weatherproofing you do, the more secure your house will be when you need a strong roof. Here are a few things that can help improve the weatherproofing of your roof.

Weatherproofing Starts with Having the Right Roof

The best thing you can do to ensure your roof is weatherproof is to make sure you start off with the right roof. Make sure you talk to your Huntsville roofing contractors to find out what options you have. If you were in the Midwest, for example, you would want a roof that could withstand subzero temperatures regularly and a lot of snow. However, living in Huntsville, you do not need roofing materials made for those extremes. We are more likely to struggle with heat during the summer than blizzard conditions all winter long. Make sure you have the top roofing materials that you can afford on your home to start.

Consider the Materials You Have Used on Your Roof

There are a few different layers when it comes to your roof. There is the wood you have across the rafters of your home, then the weather barrier, and then the shingles. If you want extra weatherproofing, each of these layers can be set up to provide that for you. First, take the plywood used on the rafters. It can be laid down in a straight pattern, or it can be crisscrossed. Plus, you can also seal each nail hole and joint to prevent anything from getting down in those openings.

Second, you want to consider the weather barrier. Simply roofing felt can be used on your home if you want. It is less expensive than most other options. However, you also have better options. You can get waterproof materials that can go on the roof under your shingles. This can help prevent issues where water is getting under your shingles and into your home. The water may still get under the shingles in a bad storm, but the barrier should keep the water from getting into your home from the roof.

Finally, you want to make sure you also pick out the right shingles. Some of them are only going to last you a few years. On the other hand, there are also better quality shingles that can last you upwards of 50 years. The higher quality of material you pick, the more weatherproof your roof is going to remain. It may cost you a bit more now, but down the line, that savings is going to add up.

If you need help figuring out how to weatherproof your Huntsville home, then call the pros in to help. Reach out to your local Huntsville roofing company to tell you what options would work best for your home. The options you have will depend on the condition of your current roof, the pitch of your roof, and the materials you want to use. Let them explain to you what you can get out of each type of material so that you can make the most informed choice possible. Your home is a big investment, as is keeping it safe. Make sure you turn to the people who have the experience to help you make the best decision possible.

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